The Silent Historian

The Silent Historian, a film by Simonka de Jong, is now on DVD.

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The grandpa of the director was the historian Loe de Jong, who was famous for his lifetime work, as the author of the History of the Netherlands in World War II. De Jong grew to the national conscience when it came to the war history of public figures as Prince Claus. After his death the family made a discovery: Loe had personal documents concealed about his twin brother, Sally, who didn't survived the war. Why Loe has never handed over these letters to the children of Sally, who did survive? DUring their lives they looked for traces of what once was, a family that due to the war has fallen apart for good. An emptiness that never seems to be completely filled in. The film follows Daan, the youngest son of Sally, in his search for photos, letters, and fragments of memories of his parents. Using archive footage and interviews, the filmmaker tries to find out why her grandfather has always been silent towards the family.   

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