Bloody Fox is nominted for the 'Beeld en Geluid Award 2010'!

Bloody Fox, a documentary by Tijs Tinbergen and Jan Musch, is nominated for 'Beeld en Geluid Award 2010' in the category Culture. 

the winners will be announced at 24 januari 2011

Nomination Beeld en Geluid Award 2010, category Culture

1. Foute Vrienden, NTR (NPS), documentairemaker/regie: Roy Dames

2. The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island,  NTR (NPS), regie: Suzanne Raes, producent: IDTV Docs.

3. Rotvos, NCRV, regie: Jan Musch en Tijs Tinbergen, producent: Selfmade Films

When Holland banned shooting foxes in 2002, these canines seized their chance. The foxes used to be curbed by hunters, but now appear in more and more places they were never seen before.
This led to consternation among farmers and hunters, but also among many conservationists. They were enthusiastic about the success of the fox but also saw how this carnivore threatened other protected species such as waders.
In the spring of 2006, the Dutch government gave way to pressure from the hunting lobby: now it's open season for foxes again.

This film examines the battle between man and fox. Can this animal - a native of the low countries - decide whether it can maintain itself here or will we shape its fate from the drawing board? Nature seems stronger than people can suspect. And conservationists are becoming increasingly divided...

Première Bloody Fox at the Dutch Film Festival, September 26, 2009. Awarded best Dutch long documentary film 2009.

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