In fast-changing China where traditions are vanishing, composer Guo Wenjing seeks a way between Eastern and Western music, and between old and new China.

Inner Landscape is a documentary about the creation of the chamber opera Si Fan, composed by Chinese composer Guo Wenjing in 2015 for the Nieuw Ensemble. In Si Fan(‘yearnings of love’), Guo combines traditional opera from his native Sichuan with his own music. “I don’t think when composing, I follow my heart”, Guo says to Ed Spanjaard, head conductor of the Nieuw Ensemble, who comes to visit him in China to learn about the secrets of Sichuan opera. In this painstaking film, Shen Tiemei, the star singer of the Sichuan opera, speaks about the differences between East and West, and between tradition and the modern age.

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