Keatshert on BABEL FilmFest

BABEL FILM FESTIVAL is the first film competition whose aim is to appreciate and promote the cinema relating the linguistic minorities , giving voice to their history, culture, and language. The contest is related only for films that use those minority languages , dialects, slang or sign language.The festival and prize-giving ceremony will be taking place from Monday 6th to Saturday 11th December 2010 in Cagliari.

KEATS HEARTis a film about a legendary player of a typical Frysian ball game called KEATSEN (a Dutch name for the sport handball). Chris Wassenaar - a very tall, red-haired man with two earrings - is playing his final season as a great champion, together with his brother Jacob Wassenaar and team mate Rutmer van der Meer. When Chris is playing his last game he also has to deal with a final goodbye to a way of living.

KEATS HEART shows how much this sport is ingrained in the Frysian culture and how big the impact is on the lives of Chris and his team mates. The film presents a very intimate story about fame, disappointment, growing older and taking one’s leave of a way of life.

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