The Family Ensemble back on tv


The musical documentary 'The Family Ensemble', a film by Wilko Bello, will be broadcasted on the 13th of may, on the digital themechannel of the Dutch publiek broadcasting companies: Cultura 24. From monday the 13th until friday the 17th of may, the theme of this channel is "Typical Family". There will be programmes about artistic families, portrays of families and each day a movie about a typical Dutch family. We will start this themeweek with the documentary 'The Family Ensemble' which will be broadcasted around 20.25 p.m.

The broadcast will be received in the following digital channels:
UPC: channel 317
Ziggo: channel 222
KPN: channel 170
Delta: channel 40
Caiway: channel 44
Kabel Noord: channel 57


No digital tv available? You can watch the broadcast live or afterwards via

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