Highlights 2015



Hightlights 2015

Last portraits 

On January 11th  the documentary of  Rudi Boon was shown on 'Joodse Omroep' and throughout the whole year in f.e. San Francisco.

The Amazing agency

The short documentary of  Alette van Zwieten & Anne van ’t Hek was shown on BNN on April 26th. 

The other side of Volendam

Documentary of  Allard Detiger was shown on BNN  May 2nd on NPO 3 and in April on several occasions with performances of  Frank Bond (AlascA) and Paul Bond (Dandelion).

Voor de dans – Dedicated to Dance

The documentary of Peter Delpeut was shown on October 1st during the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht and on November 12th by NTR on NPO2.

Future June 

The documentary of  Maria Ramos was selected for international competition at Yamagata (YIDFF 2015). Maria Ramos won Best Direction on Festival do Rio 2015.

The Salesmen of happiness

The documentary of  Wille Hyvönen is broadcasted on October 27th, Human 2Doc op NPO2.

´Het uiterste middel-Vreemdelingen in bewaring´

The documentary of Kees Vlaanderen premiered on November 13th. On  November 17th the film was shown on Human 2Doc at NPO2.

It´s your country 

The documentary of  Kees Vlaanderen received special commendations at Prix Europa 2015 in the  category TV documentary. 

Welcome Home 

Welcome Home, a documentary by Frans Bromet premiered at IDFA on November 23th. The TV broadcasting was three days later on KRO-NCRV  2Doc,  NPO2.

Tegenpool (Opposites)

The documentary of Marte Jurkiewicz premiered at Kids &Docs IDFA and will be shoen on TV in 2016. 

preview 2016

Bezness as usual

´Requiem voor een boom´

´De zachte wereld van Piet Hein Eek´

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