Palme, Pappa and Me

Palme, pappa and Me

A film by Signe Zeilich-Jensen and Niek Koppen

Palme, Pappa and Me (Storyline)

On the evening of April 30, 2020, Signe receives a message via Facebook by unknown Jonas that her father Leif, who died in 1992, might be the murderer of Olof Palme.She is shocked an finds an interview with his wife (not Signe’s mother) on SwebbTV, who is convinced that her husband murdered Palme.

Signe decides to find out who her father actually was and together with her husband, a documentary filmmaker, they go to Scandinavia to meet her family half-sister, nephew, and her mother Lisbet, while everyone is awaiting the announcement of prosecutor Krister Petersson, who will close the case after 34 years. On June 10 ‘Scandiamannen’ Stig Engström is designated as the murderer, but Jonas and almost everybody else in Sweden is convinced that he cannot be the perpetrator.

In the mean time we keep filming family and friends and colleagues of Leif. Since the case is closed, investigation data are disclosed and Jonas is more active in his search than ever, together with Signe, he develops new theories. More and more it all centralizes around the Swedenborg church in central Stockholm. Here Leif’s best friend André gathered every Saturday with a number of ultra-right Nazi sympathetic elderly Swedes, all of them of noble families. Did André contact Leif to do the job? Even Palme-researcher Gunnar Wall tells Signe that he would not be surprised that Leif is part of the conspiracy.

This film is shot in Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland.

Palme, Pappa and Me is available for broadcaster, with a Dutch or a Swedish voice-over.

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